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Company Name: Stubbs & Schubart, Pc

About Company : Stubbs & Schubart, Pc Is An Eminent Domain And Real Estate Law Firm Based In Tucson, Arizona. The Firm Is Committed To Helping Clients To Assert Their Rights And Ensure That They Are Properly Compensated In The Event Of A Condemnation Of Property. The Attorneys Believe In Holding Government Entities Responsible For Their Duty To Provide An Adequate Monetary Exchange When They Take Property For Public Use. The Legal Team Of Stubbs & Schubart Is Real Estate Experts With Vast Experience Conducting Real Estate Transactions, Engaging In Eminent Domain Litigation Against Governmental Bodies, Resolving Land Use Conflicts For Property Owners, As Well As A Variety Of Other Matters Relating To Real Property. The Attorneys Dedication To Clients Is Clear In The Thorough, Precise And Practical Counsel And Representation That They Supply At All Times. If Your Property Is Subject To The Governments Exercise Of Eminent Domain, The Lawyers Of The Firm Are Prepared To Fully Assert Your Rights And Ensure That, At The Very Least, You Are Given Fair Compensation For Your Property. The Attorneys Know How Unfair It Can Feel To Lose Something That Was Supposed To Be Yours, And They Believe In Seeing That Justice Is Rendered For Every Client Facing Such An Issue.

Lawyers Name : Mr. G. Lawrence Schubart,

Address: 340 North Main Avenue, Tucson 85701,

Phone: (520) 623-5466


About Arizona Courts

The Arizona Supreme Court is the state supreme court of the U.S. state of Arizona. It consists of a chief justice, a vice chief justice, and five associate justices. Each justice is appointed by the governor of Arizona from a list recommended by a bipartisan commission. Justices stand for retention in an election two years after their appointment and then every six years.They must retire at age 70.The Chief Justice is chosen for a five-year term by the court, and is eligible for re-election. He or she supervises the administration of all the inferior courts. He or she is Chairman of the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, which nominates candidates to fill vacancies in the appellate courts. If the Governor fails to appoint one of the nominated candidates within sixty days of their names being submitted to her or him, the Chief Justice makes the appointment.The Vice Chief Justice, who acts as Chief Justice in the latter’s “absence or incapacity,” is chosen by the court for a term determined by the court.

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Real Estate,

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  • Banking and Finance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Marriages and Divorces
  • Labour Law
  • Lease property Law
  • Liquidation & Restructuring
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law & Equity Finance
  • Corporate Secretarial,Employment & Labour Law
  • Family Law
  • Islamic Finance
  • Real Estate/Construction Law Attorney
  • Public interest lawyers
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers

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