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In coordination with prominent Dubai lawyers, the Courts is offering free electronic legal consultancy to the public under a new initiative called ‘Shoor’, which is one of three electronic services made available in partnership with law firms.

“The ‘Shoor’ (meaning ‘Consult’) initiative is aimed at giving the public legal advice on issues related to civic, real estate, financial, labour or personal affairs and facilitate judicial transactions for them. The initiative is also aimed at raising legal awareness and improving trust between the Courts and the community,” said Dubai Courts’ Director General Dr Saeed bin Hazeem while launching the three services.

46 lawyers volunteered to answer public queries during the initiative’s experimental phase and offered about 600 free consultancy hours, he said.

Dr Bin Hazeem stressed the importance of the partnership between the Courts and legal firms to help ensuring justice for all and enabling the public to know their rights and obligations under the country’s laws.

Download Application form for Free Legal consulting and Lawyers : Download here

View more details about the Dubai lawyers’ free consultation on the Dubai Courts website.


Procedure to avail free legal consulting in Dubai:

Dubai Free Legal Advice - Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation

Dubai Free Legal Advice – Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation

‘Al Salfa’

Dubai Courts’ ‘Al Salfa’ service enables clients to register their cases electronically, avoiding for them the need to physically approach the Courts. ‘Al Salfa’ is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Applicants can upload and send all needed documents electronically, pay fees, get cases registered, and get first hearing date through the Internet.

“After submitting case documents electronically, the concerned department will check them and communicate with the applicant electronically and inform if other documents are needed. After ensuring that all documents are complete, the applicant will be notified with the required fees. The applicant will be notified with the case number and first hearing date immediately after paying the registration fees electronically. The applicant does not need to approach the Courts before the first hearing of the case,” explained Dr bin Hazeem.

Dubai Lawyers

Dubai Lawyers

“‘Al Salfa’ (which means the ‘story’ or the ‘issue’) refers to the person who used to play a judicial role in the UAE’s local community in the early days,” he noted.

This service was introduced on an experimental phase last February and was made optional for a number of legal firms. Following the success of the experimental phase during which about 3,000 cases were registered electronically, this service will now be made available and mandatory for all law firms.

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31 thoughts on “Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation and Free Legal Advice

      • Nisar

        Hello i need to know about property law my father was death recently and his property in dubai i know that shop but some people didn’t give us our right plZz guide me what i do.

    • Zeno Collins

      Hello Good Afternoon, Your honour I pray this message finds you well in good health of mind and Condition. Please l humbly wish to inform you that l am yet to get justice after my executive case verdict deadline against my employer.
      First of all l am law abiding citizens since 2014
      I was wrongfully terminated on On April 2020
      we went to Dubai labor court the favour was on my side my employer was informed to pay me 3 months salaries and a ticket back home since 6 months now nothing have been done why am really suffering and frustrated
      No JOB, No accommodation, No food, while the company is functioning very well for business
      I was informed by Alaheed that they are going to seized the company property to enforce them to comply with court execution case verdict deadlines but up til now nothing have been done. Am really suffering and frustrated

  • Ms Sumaiya

    It is indeed a very good initiative, Initiatives like these help to restore faith of the people in law and justice of the society.
    May the country succeed in all its endeavors in future. Ameen.

  • Reuel Lewis

    Hello, I need to know the UAE labor law stance in connection with insubordination. How is it defined and what are the disciplinary measures that can be taken? Thank you so much!


  • Luz

    I am from Peru married with a Britihs man. we have been married 14th years. i was living and working in Dubai for 9 years. In this mooment I am in a shock. last month he started to torturing mentallity, saying horribles things to me. So on 15 of February I descided to live Dubai and visit my sister becouse I had School holydas. After 2 days later my sister had a call from him tha he descided to finish our marriege and I saying that if I go back to Dubai I wil go stray to prission. also saying tha he canelled my visa. cacellvisa. I was terrified to go back to Dubai but 3 days ago I went back to Dubai so we can talk about our cituacion. luckely He did not cancel my visa he only afraid to me. but when I go back to Dubai he froce me to liave Dubai saying that the men have more riths in Dubai if I dont live Dubai he would do horribles things to me. So I was so afraid I back to Germany now. Please help me what can I do. I did no liave him. What are my rights. he make me lost my job as well. please help.

  • Kalpesh


    I have filled 2 times online form for free legal consultation, but each time I got message that I will receive email within 2 working days. It’s been more than one week but no response.
    Please help

  • sanjay

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Jafza Free Zone Dubai from 10/07/2016 and i completed three year contract in july 2019.Company renew my contract in july 2019.but they terminate me in sep 2019 with three month working notice which is going to complete in 15th dec i want to know about my compensation of early termination breech of contract.they should provide me three month salary as acompensation .

  • Krisandra Malana Robles

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Happy New Year, first of all. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

    I would like to get your insight or advice on how should I do for my employer.

    I have joined him May 15, 2019 under his Fujairah Creative City Free Zone company as an Operations Manager/Executive Assistant (but I am mainly hired for his Dubai Mainland Company which is newly opened as well) – though I am now handling both. We have a physical office situated at Iris Bay tower at Business Bay, Dubai – though haven’t sat there since I started with him. I work at home or go to his home or do work for him either online or visit places tasked to me.

    Since October 2019, my salary has not been credited to my account and he has promised me and agreed (I have emails, sms, and WhatsApp convos that can prove all) that he will provide me tomorrow or a specified date – which never happened.

    The most heartbreaking part is he knew from the beginning that I will be going home for Christmas and New Year and he agreed upon our email agreement that he will book my ticket and provide me my pending salaries – which he never did (knowing all my bags were pack and ready to leave once the ticket has been issued and fees given). He now wants us to mutually agree to have a written contract wherein he will pay me everything within 45 days – and then cancel my visa – but how about the other damages – he did not even issued my medical insurance which we agreed and signed.

    I have my car loan here and ENBD has been calling me non stop now.

    I don’t have incoming funds, still looking for a job.

    I have contacted the consultant that his company is under to guide me – and even visited the Free Zone and sent an email. However, they can only assist me legally for such fees wherein I would not know where to collect.

    Please help me – I have been in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since November 2011 and this is the first time this has happened to me. I am lost. Trying not to be depressed.

    Please help me. I dont know what to do – no incoming funds.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you at the soonest.


    Ms. Krisandra

  • Jeep

    I bought the mask from the pharmacy in cash, but the pharmacy did not deliver it, but I used the free coupon (time limit) given by the pharmacy, and the pharmacy requested a refund of the remaining amount (cash paid-amount of coupon)

  • Alireza vafakish

    I have a problem with a photo studio. Can you tell me if there is any photographers union in Dubai or UAE so that I can refer to complain?

  • Joyce Ann Reyes Valdez

    Greetings! please i need your advice. I lost my job due to covid situation. i have loan with Dunia finance and they keep on threateaning me by calling to pay all the dues. i lost my job and i cant afford to pay them. please i need advice.
    you can contact me with this number 0564420358

  • Mohammad Faizan Wasim

    Dear Sir,

    I came back from my vacation on March 11th, and on March 18th I got termination letter from our company without the advise of my last working day. I sent emails to my hr department to have a confirmation when will be my last working day but got no feedback. I signed my termination letter on May 3 2020 and submitted to them ,it was a day after that when my HR approached me why I am still coming in the office when my last day is April 30th which was not informed to me in advance, by then they wiped out my in and out in our biometrics and suddenly blocked my company email.

    Again I sent a letter to my hr from my personal email so I would have a firm and written advise of when is my last working day and also my settlement but only they replied me that my last day is April 30 2020.

    I again sent an email regarding my settlement but no reply receive from my HR department.

    Being so confused about my rights as an employee from this company for 6 years and 7 months, I file an inquiry and complaint to the labor and got an advise that I should have a 1 month notice period from the time I signed my letter , they also told me the things regarding my settlement which includes my gratuity, my April salary, 1 month notice period pay and breach of contract pay (equivalent to my 1 month salary) and my return ticket

    Having an advised for my rights, I again sent an email to my HR mentioning about all these settlements, My assistant hr finally call me and asked me to drop by to office on May 28, but when I came to see my settlement they are only giving me my total gratuity, the pending April salary, leave salary and return ticket and immediately asked me to sign my settlement letter . I refused to sign and told them that the calculation is not right , they answered me that they will not pay more than that.

    I am planning to file a case in the court for these things.

    Please advise me as I feel confused with all the things happening .

    Is it valid that my last working day is as per their late advised when I only signed my termination letter on May 3 2020?

    The calculation advised by the legal adviser from labor is firm and I believe is correct, please re -confirm.

    I would appreciate a lot for your soonest feedback. Thank you

  • abdul

    due to covid, i am not getting my salary since march 2020.
    and due to some office problem i cannot leave the office till the time problem is not resolved.
    so, i decided to move my family pakistan.
    my wife is not agree, she does not want to go pakistan and threatening me that she will send me legal notice if i will not pay her expense to live in dubai. please advice me.

  • mohan ramadoss

    Dear sir
    i am mohan,
    phone: 0528788094
    i have put(jomin) my passport for my boss to take out in buhairah police station on April 20/04/2020.but he has dont take proper action to get my passport from police station. my visa expires on 10th sep 2020.
    so i don’t know how to get my passport.
    please give your valuable idea ..

  • RAD

    I had brought a free hold property in discovery gardens 1bedroom flat dubai and i have been paying regular installments for the past 10 years and now for the past 1 year owing to low business/ job loss i have not been able to pay my installments to the bank . i have paid almost 1.2 muillion towards the property which was valued at 1.3 million + interest at the time i bought in 2008/2009. but today the property value has come down to 3.75 lakhs. is there any way i can get my remaining installments waived off and get the property back. it is tough time for the all of us as you understand.

  • Ramalakshmi Alagarsamy

    I am Ramalakshmi Alagarsamy Indian in dubai. I have Invested 30000 AED in a Trading company in dubai. That company not return my money as per agreement. when I asked they are abusing me and Threatening also. They refused to return my money. Even Police called them also they are not coming to the station. So kindly I need help to take legal action against them please.

  • Khan

    Good to see you
    My wife is being accused of cyber bullying social abusing. Police has detained mobile and wallet . what will happen if guilty. If hire a lawyer how much it will cost. How we can refile against the accuser. Pls advise

  • Majid

    My name is Majid

    I have a inquiry about life Ban and deportation from U.A.E.

    I use to work for a bank as a collection officer
    Due to some misunderstanding and miscommunication the bank raised a absconding case on me
    Then I got deported from Dubai in 2015
    But I never had any criminal or bank liability cases it was just a absconding case

    I need a lawyer who can help with a reasonable amount to uplift my case

    My brother is so not to worry about the payment

    I have few conditions

    If any need more information kindly email me so I can write you more about my issues

    Best Regards


  • Yomi

    After completing my probation period with the company, I terminated my contract in a legal way. I got my own trade licence now but my visa application has been on pending for a while now. I contacted immigration department and I was told my former employer has placed an absconding complain on my file which makes it difficult for them to process my visa. I contacted my former employee but they told me to pay them the sum of 3500aed without any good reason. I want you to look into this matter and let me know how I can solve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your help

  • janaki raman Govindaswamy

    1. I am fighting a case in supreme court of india , i am facing lot of issues like food poisoning/Food adulteration , Pressurized situation around me to give up the case
    2. I visited Dubai to enjoy trip As well as to avoid Food adulteration/poisoning for sometime and try my supreme court case as soon as i land in india
    3. But from day 1 i faced food adulteration ,inhumane treatment, humiliation – by scratching, spitting to provoke me , Lot of disrespectful behavior, threatning visually, and provocation from hotel staff
    4. i faced food adulteration wherever i go in dubai , only buffet can reduce impacts
    5 Adavanced scientific methods like Mind reading are used in my case to torture me

    6 . No cooperation from police so i contacted a lawyer intially he made me very confident advised me to go hospital rashid but they denied for blood test , i went for other hospital but doctor categorically said their test wont show up any food adulteration impacts in test so i didnt show interest

    7. Lawyer said no need to fight for test , he said his team will take up the case , Unfortunately there was influence on the lawyer side too later when i visited his office he asked me for a cofee that made me drowsy – that didnt went well with me

    8. Still i tried to proceed with him considering the inhumane/barbaric situation around me to quickly find a way to get out this situation , I paid lot of money to him but he is ot pushing for any urgent hearing , suppressing the case facts , delaying in filing the case – All this pushed me to look for a better trustworthy lawyer to fight a case in dubai

    What i need ?

    Tell me how can i prove the food adulteration/poisoning/humiliation is happening around me to you , then obviously i hope you know what to do
    Yes i want the freedom immediately any form of harassments should not happen to me when i am in UAE

  • Muhammad Suleman

    Presently we are confronting a ton of issues like; rental dispute cases, civil cases and kids’ school expenses; In 24 years we rarely went to Pakistan even 4-5 times despite the fact that we don’t have anybody (relatives, family) in Pakistan and furthermore our exit is blocked, hence we can’t go. we spent quite a number of days without a rooftop on our head and confronted a great deal of challenges. Countless times I have attempted to get out from my tough time yet couldn’t discover any way out, in truth the issue is expanding day by day.” we are depressed of our present situation, we don’t even think of going to the doctor if one of us is feeling sick because we simply are not able to afford it. And furthermore we don’t have insurance, we need to pay our kids’ school fees to finish their education, home lease cases and different issues Presently, we have different issues to cope against as well I want to settle my problems please someone help me to find a way.

    Yours faithfully
    Muhammad Sleman

  • cherry chan

    Dear Sir/ Madam:
    I need help to rescue my cousin from the Dubai Airport police Station. My cousin was arrested at Dubai Airport for Covid-19 rules violation because he forgot to put on his mask when he got off the plane during a flight transfer on June 10th. He is fined for $5000 USD and he doesn’t have the money to pay. He will be in trial on this Monday, can you please tell me how long will he be sentenced for in this case and if I pay the fine will he be released right away or he has to complete his sentence before he can be released. Also is there a 30days appeal period for him, if yes please tell me how to proceed. Is there a number I can contact you for further details. Please let me know. Thank you so much for your help.

  • cherry chan

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I need help in rescuing my cousin from the Dubai Airport police station. My cousin Dr. Albert Chan has been arrested by the Dubai police on June 10th due to violation of Covid-19 rules, he forgot to wear his mask while getting off the plane during a flight transfer. He is fined for $5000 USD. He doesn’t have the money to pay. The police are putting him in court on this Monday. Can you please tell me how long will he be sentenced for on this case and if I pay the fine will he be released right away or after the sentenced completed. Does he has 30 days of appeal period after the court decision rendered. Can he get any legal assistance? If he can please tell me how to proceed. Thank you very much for your help. Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours,

    Cherry Chan

  • Girimbabazi Florence

    A friend was working for a chinese company as typist now he disappeared, his family is looking everywhere but nothing now the family( poor family) learnt that he is in Jail in Fujairah.
    I would like to visit him to tell the family that he is still alive we have no news where exactly he is.Please help to find where he is jailed and if it is possible to visit him.
    Kind regards,