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Owner name: Yaqoob Qasem Shahin Abdulla

Address:Deira- Al Garhoud Street ( Al Garhoud Area) – Al Zalfa Building- 2nd Floor- Office 201

Phone: 042830088


License issue date: 2/10/1994

About Dubai Courts

1-Court of First Instance: The first degree of litigation.
2-Court of Appeal: The second degree of litigation.
3-Court of Cassation: Highest & final level of litigation.

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Dubai Court Official Website:

Free legal advice / Dubai Lawyers free consultation

Dubai Courts have setup a facility for people to avail free legal advice through a few legal consulting firms in Dubai. Click here for more details about free legal consulting in Dubai.

Services provided by Dubai Lawyers:

  • Adoptions Wills & Estates
  • Aeronautical/Maritime Law
  • Arbitration
  • Auto / Accidents
  • Banking / Financial Commercial Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Law
  • Child custody
  • Civil Law Damages
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Matters
  • Debt Collection
  • Family Law
  • Foreign Investments
  • Government Relations
  • Immigration/UAE visa Labour Disputes/ MOL
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual properties
  • Litigation
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Narcotics/ Drug Offenses
  • Oil and Gas
  • Parental Child Abduction
  • Property Disputes
  • Public Advocacy
  • Rental Disputes
  • Taxes

Types of Lawyers in Dubai:

  • Family Lawyers
  • Criminal Lawyers
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Civil Lawyers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Labor & Employment Lawyers
  • Banking & Finance Lawyers

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2 thoughts on “Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants – Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

  • Amid

    Amid Mammadov “stateless person” asks Georgian authorities for help
    Amid Mammadov “stateless person” asks Georgian authorities for help
    37-year-old Amid Mammadov stops passers-by on the streets of Tbilisi, asks them to record videos and distribute his story on the Internet.

    He says that he has to turn to the public for help because he and his mother were left without a livelihood. They have nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, no clothes and no medicine for their mother.

    Amid Mammadov is a Baku Iranian. He says that in Baku he had many problems due to his ethnic origin.

    Amid does not have citizenship, unlike his mother, who is a citizen of Azerbaijan. He lives in Tbilisi with his mother, rents a daily apartment and every day risks being on the street.

    Amid Mammadov told how he ended up in Georgia, what he asks the government and the public about, and what was his life in Baku.The story of Amid Mammadov
    We are Baku Iranians. All routes are closed for us in Baku. When it is very difficult to live in your hometown, you have to leave there. Many Baku Iranians, like us, are leaving Azerbaijan.

    Mother and grandmother had an apartment in Baku. Grandma died. We wanted to sell the apartment and buy another, smaller one. We were deceived, told to give us $3,000 first, re-issue, we will pay the rest in the near future, but did not pay. So we lost the apartment and were left without a roof over our heads.

    I worked as a painter at a foreign factory in Baku for 4 years. He painted large containers. He worked as a gardener, washed the windows of large shops.

    I’m a stateless person. I was born in Uzbekistan, my mother lived there when she gave birth to me, then we returned to Baku. I only have my ID and birth certificate.

    For 18 years I have been writing to the government of Uzbekistan, sending copies of documents for citizenship, but in vain. In Baku, it is difficult for a stateless person to find work.When we were left without an apartment in Azerbaijan, we sometimes had to spend the night in the park. The police decided that we were Qigans when they found out that we were Iranian Baku, the police said go to Iran, because Armenia is friends with Iran.

    When I said that they had no right to say so and that my mother was an Azerbaijani citizen, they said that we were shaming the country and the city.

    In Azerbaijan, we were interviewed on radio and television, they wrote about us in newspapers, but the authorities did not react. Only ordinary people helped us with rent for 2 months, medicines, food and clothes.

    In Azerbaijan, the mother does not yet have a pension, she is 58 years old, there women are awarded a pension from 65 years old. When we submitted documents to state institutions, we were told that we are Armenians, because our historical homeland Iran is friends with Armenia.

    Many times we turned to Azerbaijani deputies for help through television, but their answer was – go to Iran and ask for housing and work there.

    In Baku, we stayed at the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights Elmira Suleymanova for five days, no one listened to us.I didn’t even graduate. As a child, my mother transferred me from the hospital to the hospital due to health problems. Because of my Iranian background, I experienced a lot of humiliation as a child.

    Father died, mother has health problems, she needs surgery. We came to Georgia three years ago with the hope of finding work.

    I washed the windows in large stores and made money with this, offered me another job, a loader, but I could not master it. I’m weak because sometimes I have nothing to eat, my bones hurt.

    The money that I earned went to pay for daily accommodation, there was no money left for food. Sometimes tourists, sometimes Georgian Azerbaijanis, sometimes clergy helped us with food, clothes, medicines.

    We cannot reach anyone, all the doors are closed for us, this is hellish suffering.

    My mother and I freeze at night, my mother in a thin dress, her lungs constantly hurt, she has high pressure every day, maybe someone will help us with drugs, clothes and food.

    I ask the Georgian authorities to give me the opportunity to work, so that I can somehow exist. Maybe there is some kind of work and temporary housing for me.We have acquaintances in Istanbul, and they told us that it’s not difficult to find work there, I could treat my mother there, but the borders are closed. Even if the border opens, my mother will be able to go there without a visa, but as a stateless person, I need to pay $50 for a visa, for us this is an unrealistic amount.

    Kaladze (mayor of Tbilisi) in the days of the celebration of the New Year, somehow walked the streets and we told him about his situation. He told us to go to City Hall, and they’ll try to help us. I wrote an appeal, but did not receive an answer.

    Now we live in a house where you have to pay for a room every day. If we can’t pay, we’ll have to go out again.

    With the permission of the respondent and at the request of readers, we publish the phone number and bank account of Amid Mammadov:

    Ph.+995 593 28 41 50 – Amid Mammadov

    (TBCBGE22) (GE93TB7748645064300027) – Amid Mammadov