3 Ways You Are Accidentally Breaking The Law While Securing Your Home

Did you know that the apparently simple act of improving your home’s security could result in a series of legal issues? Homeowners or tenants alike can inadvertently break the laws in the United Kingdom in an attempt to further secure their residence against burglars.

If you are curious to learn which inconspicuous acts related to home security can be considered offenses here, these next few lines should come in handy.

#1: Installing Surveillance Cameras Around The House affordable locksmith installs hi tech locks

  • One of the most thoughtful solutions to insure a higher level of security around the house is to install CCTV cameras around the property.

  • The use of a professional security company is highly advised in this regard. You will want the system to be fully functional. Expert security companies can recommend the best solutions in terms of the ideal number of cameras to install, the best locations for them, maintenance and service, and the lost goes on.

  • There is also the alternative of using an affordable locksmith that also handles the installation of security cameras and home alarms. Most of today’s locksmiths also specialize in installing CCTV systems that can be controlled with the help of smartphones or computers. This way, you will get to control the images that the cameras will broadcast live on a nonstop basis from any remote location.

  • The locations where the cameras will be installed outside the property are more important than you might think. If they will point at a neighbor’s land, for example, you might be breaching a few privacy laws under the Human Rights Act. You could be also looking at allegations of harassment.

#2: Installing Locks That Do Not Comply With Fire Regulations

  • Double cylinder deadbolt locks are some of the most common types of sturdy locks that most homeowners choose to rely on. They are usually added to existing sets of locks and they can be controlled with the help of keys from both the inside and outside of a door. While this might sound like adding a significant layer of security to a home, the fire department in the area might say something else. In case of a home fire, everyone must rapidly evacuate the house as soon as possible. Every second counts – and wasting time trying to figure out where you left the keys to unlock the front door form the inside is not something desirable.

  • Also, there are lots of newly developed hi-tech front-door locks that might also fail to comply with current fire regulations. They rely on smartphone apps and encrypted key codes to lock and unlock doors from remote distances. There are even special apps that can unlock front doors by touching the respective lock with a hand, or the alternative keys or fobs as a backup option.

  • Nevertheless, as exciting as these locks might sound on paper, they might not meet all fore regulations in case they have not been tested attached to designated fire doors. They might need to be removed during fire inspections. Authorized locksmiths should be able to only recommend legally accepted locks.

#3: Installing Security Lighting

Installing the right security lighting means making sure it does not shine directly into your neighbors’ properties. This may be handled as light pollution or a nuisance.

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