Impostor lawyers swindle clients in the UAE of millions

Conmen posing as lawyers are touting for business outside court buildings and duping unwary clients into paying for their services.

Legitimate law firms believe victims have paid out millions of dirhams in fees to unqualified impostors, and some may even have been jailed or deported as a result of relying on worthless “legal advice”.

The fraudsters, smartly dressed in suits or kanduras, target “people who are new to the country, don’t speak the language and are unaware of the law”, said one Emirati lawyer.

“They will offer help and ask for Dh1,000, for example, or any amount of money to help ease a transaction, like a marriage certificate or a driving licence. Many will convince their victims to sign a fake power of attorney.

“These people are not licensed and have caused problems for many residents. They have damaged the reputation of lawyers and the country.”

One impostor, a Syrian, tells prospective clients he is the legal representative of “all the foreign embassies”.

Six law firms have filed cases against him and one is demanding Dh2 million in compensation.


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