How to become an IRO Approved Lawyer?

What is an IRO Approved Lawyer?

About IRO Lawyer

IRO lawyers work in the area of workers’ compensation; only via a competent IRO lawyer, an injured/infringed worker can gain compensation. IRO lawyers work to get the rightful compensation for the injured workers where the injuries range from ongoing pain, limitations, and loss of income; this includes the cost of medical treatment as well.

The compensation comes with terms and conditions where the compensation shall not be approved in the cases of worker not being injured, the worker not being injured to the extent said by the worker, the nature of the injury is not related to the worker’s employment and the permanent impairment was not caused by the workplace injury.

The Independent Review Office (IRO) funds for the legal proceedings in cases where there is a reasonable degree to believe for the party’s success; the funding includes medico-legal appointments and more of such nature. The funding is extended to the representatives of the deceased employee; the employee should have been killed during his/her employment time at the work. However, the funding is not inclusive of emergency service workers and coal miners.

Note: the funding can be gained only via approved IRO lawyers.

To find an IRO lawyer in the vicinity, one can check out

How to become an IRO Approved Lawyer?

Eligibility to apply for an IRO lawyer

The initial requirement to be an IRO lawyer is that the lawyer should have worked as an Australian legal practitioner and should have been certified to practice as a solicitor for a minimum period of 1 year; furthermore, the lawyer should display general competence and diligence, knowledge, skill and familiarity with NSW workers compensation law and practice.

Procedure / Process to apply for an IRO Lawyer

The below attached form is for an Australian legal practitioner to be approved as a legal service provider to the Independent Review Officer.

  1. Download and fill the form (Application and Agreement to be an IRO Approved Lawyer)
  2. Enter the law firm details, full name, street address, ABN (law firm), practising certificate number, contact phone number, email address (individual).
  3. Fulfil all the required details and sign the form.
  4. Scan the completed form
  5. Send the scanned form to
  6. To update the lawyer details, use this link to update.

Processing time: 5 working days

For more details, visit

Independent Review Officer Office in Haymarket NSW, Australia address, phone, hours, email, website

Address: Level 17, McKell Building,
2 – 24 Rawson Place, Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone: 13 9IRO/13 9476
Working hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Email: Complaints and Enquiries –
General enquiries –
Media –

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