Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation and Free Legal Advice

In coordination with prominent Dubai lawyers, the Courts is offering free electronic legal consultancy to the public under a new initiative called ‘Shoor’, which is one of three electronic services made available in partnership with law firms.

“The ‘Shoor’ (meaning ‘Consult’) initiative is aimed at giving the public legal advice on issues related to civic, real estate, financial, labour or personal affairs and facilitate judicial transactions for them. The initiative is also aimed at raising legal awareness and improving trust between the Courts and the community,” said Dubai Courts’ Director General Dr Saeed bin Hazeem while launching the three services.

46 lawyers volunteered to answer public queries during the initiative’s experimental phase and offered about 600 free consultancy hours, he said.

Dr Bin Hazeem stressed the importance of the partnership between the Courts and legal firms to help ensuring justice for all and enabling the public to know their rights and obligations under the country’s laws.

Download Application form for Free Legal consulting and Lawyers : Download here

View more details about the Dubai lawyers’ free consultation on the Dubai Courts website.


Procedure to avail free legal consulting in Dubai:

Dubai Free Legal Advice - Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation

Dubai Free Legal Advice – Dubai Lawyers Free Consultation

‘Al Salfa’

Dubai Courts’ ‘Al Salfa’ service enables clients to register their cases electronically, avoiding for them the need to physically approach the Courts. ‘Al Salfa’ is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Applicants can upload and send all needed documents electronically, pay fees, get cases registered, and get first hearing date through the Internet.

“After submitting case documents electronically, the concerned department will check them and communicate with the applicant electronically and inform if other documents are needed. After ensuring that all documents are complete, the applicant will be notified with the required fees. The applicant will be notified with the case number and first hearing date immediately after paying the registration fees electronically. The applicant does not need to approach the Courts before the first hearing of the case,” explained Dr bin Hazeem.

Dubai Lawyers

Dubai Lawyers

“‘Al Salfa’ (which means the ‘story’ or the ‘issue’) refers to the person who used to play a judicial role in the UAE’s local community in the early days,” he noted.

This service was introduced on an experimental phase last February and was made optional for a number of legal firms. Following the success of the experimental phase during which about 3,000 cases were registered electronically, this service will now be made available and mandatory for all law firms.

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