Courts in Finland

Finnish courts decide all individual cases. Finnish courts are in­de­pen­dent and it is bound by the law in force.

Finnish courts has the following types


  • District courts
  • Courts of appeal
  • Supreme Court

Administrative courts

  • Administrative courts
  • The Supreme Administrative Court

Special courts

  • The Market court
  • Labor court
  • The Insurance court
  • High Court of Impeachment

District courts

Any criminal case and civil case will be handled in the district courts.

Court of appeal

After handling the criminal and civil case, the case will be appealed in a court of appeal.

Supreme Court

The decisions of the courts of appeal, then, can be appealed in the Supreme Court, provided that the Supreme Court grants leave to appeal.

Administrative courts

The administrative courts review the decisions of the authorities. The decisions of the administrative courts can be appealed in the Supreme Administrative Court.

There are also certain special courts. These are the Market Court, the Labour Court, the Insurance Court and the High Court of Impeachment.

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Free legal advice in Finland

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The Insurance Court

The Insurance Court has jurisdiction in certain matters of social insurance, such as accident insurance, employment pensions, civil service pensions and national pensions. Despite the name, the Insurance Court does not consider all kinds of private insurance contracts by private insurance companies, only those relating to accident insurance.

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